Strategic Planning

Services overview planning 280x550Strategic planning for Life Sciences IT applications require knowledge of your business and regulatory challenges, broad applications expertise, a repeatable methodology, and unclouded objectivity. Our strategic planning offering takes the form of a Front End Study whereby we will assess how or if IT applications can address your business challenges in the context of your existing and projected environment, specify which applications are a best fit, manage the specification of requirements, provide an integrated systems road map to meet your objectives, and generate experience based project plans. A key component of our strategic planning is the provision of a Return On Investment (ROI) model which can be used for directional decision support. This service can be extended to include full tender management and vendor appraisal for specific projects within the road map (see our System Selection offering). The ROI model is an integral tool for weighing up the proposed Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) against System Benefits at the solution appraisal stage. Specific components of our Strategic Planning offering include:

  • Strategic information systems road map (current and projected needs)
  • Consolidate business objectives
  • User Requirements Specification (business, regulatory, and technical requirements)
  • Total Cost of Ownership (mid-long term)
  • Return On Investment (decision support for project or solution justification)
  • Programme Scheduling
  • Identify common risks and mitigation strategies 

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