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Systematic I.S. Strategies ("Systematic") is dedicated to providing independent strategic planning and project management services for manufacturing information & execution systems in the regulated life sciences sector

The business challenge

dice 5 250x150 gifThe role and limitations of IT in achieving Operational Excellence and compliance is the subject of much debate in life sciences. Your systems must provide demonstrable Return On Investment through efficiency gains and quality improvements to be effective as an operational excellence enabler, while regulatory compliance is a must. The risk of not achieving these goals is significant to companies who embark on costly enterprise or plant systems projects based on vendor selling strength or an incomplete understanding of how or if systems can meet their business needs. IT investment in life sciences comes with a high cost of ownership, and even if the vision is right, it often fails to materialise due to ineffective execution.

                                                              Why talk to us?

2 imageThe reasons for engaging Systematic vary from programme risk management, budget justification, IT market oversight, vendor appraisal, project coaching, and project management. We provide an objective perspective free from internal pre-conceptions or vendor loyalties. We bring broad experience based on challenges we have already encountered in your sector. This experience is encapsulated in our structured, repeatable methodology, ensuring optimum process visibility and value. Your investment in independent strategic planning and project management is returned multi-fold through solid strategy, measurable return on investment, and on-time, on-schedule, in-scope delivery.


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