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Systematic is an IT Project Management company based in Dublin Ireland, founded in 2004 by Eddie Ryan to service the regulated life sciences manufacturing sector in Ireland and internationally. Our key offerings are:

We provide these services across the full manufacturing supply chain, including Production, Packaging, Laboratory (Research and Quality Control), Quality Assurance, Warehouse and Distribution, and Planning at plant and enterprise level. Motivated by your business goals, we focus equally on the people, data, and business process aspects of IT programmes in addition to the information/execution applications that enable supply chain execution.

Although fluent in many specific IT application types, our strength is our breadth of experience and track record in planning and project management, executed through our repeatable process and verified by measureable returns. We apply industry standards and best practice for plant and enterprise computerised applications with judgement and experience, and in consultation with our industry affiliations, ensuring that the solutions delivered stand up to quality expectations and regulatory scrutiny.

Our credibility is underpinned by our vendor independence. We provide unclouded objectivity, acting only in the interest of our life sciences customers, and we do not promote software or engineering services on behalf of any vendor.

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